Periodically, I will be sharing  information on pets, wildlife and other relevant topics on this page. The intention is to keep you, our residences, informed with information that will help you and your pets be a happy and healthy.

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns regarding animal control issues at (973) 500-8319. There are additional contacts listed on adjoining pages.

Scott Hendricks

Dogs At large


In 2019, we received 312 calls into Blairstown animal control. Looking at the following chart we can see that 92 (30%) of the calls pertain to dogs running at large. In 2020, we want to drive that number down for two reasons. First, we have had several dogs struck by vehicles and die when running at large, and second, it is the law. Your dog has to be on a leash when walking off you property.


It is the dog owners responsibility to effectively manage their pet. Providing an escape proof outside area for the dog to run, when going off the property, have the dog on a leash, installing a run are just a couple ways to control you dog. As dog owners, we have too much invested in our pets to just let them run at large and being exposed to unnecessary dangers. 

So, in 2020, let's make a concerted effort to reduce the number of dogs running at large.


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